Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this service cost?

Exit Realty Music City Concierge is a complimentary service for you!

If your service is free, how do you make money?

Our service is free thanks to payouts from our vendors.

 I’m a Real Estate Broker with 20 agents underneath me. Are you able to Private Label me with my own website and custom phone number?  If so, how much will that cost?

The answer is yes. We can have a customized website with a dedicated phone line setup within 72 hours. Please contact us at to learn more.

If I’m not moving for another few weeks, should I go ahead and contact you?

Yes! The earlier the better. The perfect time to reach out to us is 2 weeks before you will be in your new home.

 I’m moving tomorrow morning – can you still help me?

Absolutely! Give us a call as soon as possible as some providers take 24 hours before they can initiate a service.

I’ve been in my house for 15 years – can Exit Realty Music City Concierge help me maximize savings with my TV/Internet packages?

Yes! Exit Realty Music City Concierge is not just here to make the move-in process easier – we are also available when you need to compare Internet/Cable rates – along with any other Home Services that may be on the end of a contract.

I usually switch over services myself.  Why should I use your services?

Our main focus here at Exit Realty Music City Concierge is to save our customers time, money and stress.  By utilizing our service you are saving yourself hours of time on the phone and/or driving around – not to mention having to listen to that awful elevator music when you are waiting on hold.  With the time you save, we hope you can spend more time doing what is most important to you – whether that’s more time with family and friends or that extra time you need at work.

I know someone that is moving – will your service be complimentary to them as well?

Our service is complimentary to everyone!

Does your company just handle Utilities?

We not only handle basic Utilities, but also Security, Satellite/Cable, Internet, Home Phone, ID Theft and other regional services.

I’m a very busy person – can I schedule a specific time to speak with a Exit Realty Music City Concierge specialist?

We would prefer appointments to make our process as convenient as possible, but they aren’t required.  A typical appointment takes less than 15 minutes.

How do I sign up?

Can you disconnect my current Utilities?

Due to privacy laws, we are unable to disconnect current services as we are not authorized in your account(s).

Do I receive better deals going through Exit Realty Music City Concierge ?

Not only do you get the best deals offered, but often our suppliers provide exclusive deals for Exit Realty Music City Concierge customers.